The Park Spark Project
Once the flame is burning the Park Spark Project becomes about asking park goers to (re)imagine how they live in the city and redirect the heat and light from the 'eternal flame' into a public project.

See "Get Involved" on how to propose a project

The Park Spark Project is a direct challenge to all park going people . The energy of the digester manifested as an ‘eternal flame’ is evidence of the redundant and unquestioned nature of our behaviors. Once in place, as long as people own pets in the city and throw away dog waste, the production of energy will be continuous and unlimited.
Digesters are used all over the world to cook and light spaces. Here the heat and light from the burning methane becomes an opportunity where community participation is key. Anyone interested has the chance to propose a project to redirect the use of the methane from the ‘eternal flame’ to use the gas in exceptional ways.

Invite others from the community to put the flame to use – The ‘eternal flame' will burn as a monument until the energy is redirected into another project. Along with the ecological benefits of burning methane also comes heat and light from the flame which becomes an opportunity for other members of the community to appropriate the gas by building a use for this constant source of energy. These projects could include boiling water for coffee, focusing the light to create a projector, powering a street light on a dark corner, etc.
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