The Park Spark Project
If you are in Cambridge, MA or New York City the Park Spark project will be in a show called:

Remediate/Re-vision: Public Artists Engaging the Environment
Remediate/Re-vision is a public exhibition that features four artists working within the realm of "Remediation" - a practice of public art that deals directly with environmental intervention. An example of the innumerable ways artists, architects, and scientists are using physical, social, and conceptual methods to remediate and re-vision our public and private spaces.

In NYC at Wavehill: August 1 – November 28, 2010 - Exhibition Reception Sun, August 1, 1–4PM
Remediate/Re-vision showcases artists’ projects in parks, water treatment facilities, and waterfronts and city roofs, raising awareness about issues concerning watershed fragility, industrial and natural history, personal responsibility, and ecological balance. Artists acting as instigators, collaborators, activists, and designers include Lillian Ball, Jackie Brookner, Mags Harries and Lajos Heder, Natalie Jeremijenko, Patricia Johanson, Lorna Jordan, Matthew Mazzotta, Eve Mosher, Buster Simpson, Susan Leibovitz Steinman, Suzanne Lacy, and Yutaka Kobayashi, George Trakas, Mierle Laderman Ukeles. The exhibit is being developed with the Cambridge Arts Council. A companion exhibition is on view in its gallery. West 249th St., Bronx NY

In Cambridge at the Cambridge Arts Council Gallery: July 6 - August 20, 2010
Remediate/Re-vision: Artists Engaging the Environment_Featuring projects by _Natalie Jeremijenko, Matthew Mazzotta, Eve Mosher, George Trakas
Eve Mosher's Seeding the City utilizes social networking to site urban interventions in the form of green roof planters in New York City. George Trakas redesigned public space along New York's largest wastewater facility, creating Newtown Creek Nature Walk. Natalie Jeremijenko's Environmental Health Clinic at NYU invites the public to bring in local environmental concerns and prescribes remedies that can be carried out by each person. Matthew Mazzotta is in the planning stages of a prototype of his Park Spark project in Cambridge, a methane digester that converts dog waste into an ‘eternal flame' that powers a situation for civic engagement.
City Hall Annex, 344 Broadway, 2nd Fl

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